An adventure like no other – Blue Sea Film Festival 22.-25.8.2024

Dark times need to be accompanied by colour, joy and glamour, and the 31st Blue Sea Film Festival promises to deliver! The Blue Sea Film Festival invites you to a cinematic adventure again in August.
This year, Denmark has been chosen as the theme country. This means that festival guests will once again have the opportunity to see Danish films in Rauma that they would otherwise not have the chance to see at all.
As in previous years, Bluukkarit will also feature a variety of artists. There will also be free events, so you won’t have to worry about breaking the bank to experience a film festival.
While last year the festival celebrated its 30th anniversary, it’s time to celebrate again as the Baltic Herring shortfilm competition celebrates its 30th anniversary. The international Baltic Herring film competition is aimed at filmmakers from the Baltic Sea littoral states, and an invitation has also been sent to Norway and Iceland. The competition has its own series for amateurs and professionals alike, not forgetting film students.
Please keep an eye on the information and suggest things to do, films to see and programmes to attend. We will definitely try to fulfil your wishes if it is at all reasonable and possible – all channels are open!
Welcome to Bluukkarit!