Kilpailun kansainvälinen raati

Saara Hakkarainen, Baltic Herring voittaja 2021
Maira Dobele, Latvia
Dylan Glatthorn, Yhdysvallat, säveltäjä, Raumars-taiteilija
Colette Krogol, Yhdysvallat, tanssija, Raumars-taitelija
Matt Reeves, Yhdysvallat, tanssija, Raumars-taiteilija
Tarmo Hotanen, Baltic Herring-koordinaattori




18.08. To/Thu at 19.00 cinema Iso-Hannu 2

19.08. Pe/Fri. at 16.00, cinema Iso-Hannu 3


Akseli Kouki, Finland: It´s Raining in Atacama, fiction, 13 min

A chilean exchange student, Marcos, is living his best life in Finland. He has good group of friends, and they are celebrating life at Marcos’s birthday. And everything seems to go perfectly, until… It’s Raining in Atacama tells a poetic story of trying to be young in the days where you’re constantly surrounded with bad news.

Catherine Periscal Julien, Germany: Die Türen, experimental, 11 min

Cleo moves to a new home and starts to suspect that the landlord is watching her. In a weird world accompanied only by her daughter, she seeks help and makes the only possible decision for her.

Eemeli Kelokorpi, Finland: Pinnan alla, fiction, 6 min

Two old men are looking back on their lives before moving to the afterworld.

Samuli Silvennoinen, Finland: Kassijärven kostaja, fiction, 8 min

Kassijärven Kostaja is a short film about friendgroup of 4 who likes to go fishing. Something weird happens on their summerbreak fishing trip and they have to survive and get out alive from an island.

Eemeli Kelokorpi, Finland: Likainen työ, fiction, 4 min

The loser of a card game has to do all the dirty work.

Joni Tuominen, Finland: Vague, fiction, 15 min

Mikael struggles to tell his loved one about the illness. At the same time something valuable disappears from a nearby island.




18.08. To/thu at 16.00, cinema Iso-Hannu 2

19.08. Pe/Fri. at 18.00, cinema Iso-Hannu 3


Ida-Maria Olva, Aalto University: Mehiläiskesä, fiction 23 min

On a particularly hot summer, Eedi, suffering from eco-anxiety, decides to quit their studies and start beekeeping. Eedi gets reluctant help from their mother Anne who, rather than fearing for the future, is scared of every single little bee.

Pavel Andonov, London Film School: Blue Note, fiction, 23 min

Leena prepares a meal for two and leaves her cottage to pick up her husband Boris from the hospital. The nurse warns them of his condition, but they’ve already decided to spend the night together. In the cottage they have dinner and try their best to enjoy themselves. As the night fades to an early morning we see a camera stand in the bedroom pointing towards them.

Marianne Seppälä, Tampere University of Applied Sciences: Kolme Keinoa, fiction, 9 min

A drama short film in which a young woman wants to move out from the hem of his mother controlling the home. 18-year-old Olivia discusses with his school tutor how she would tell her mother about her intention to move out of the home. Telling the news doesn`t go as planned and mother has some new tricks in her sleeves.

Ilti Yli-Harja, Aalto University: Kaikki äitini puhelut, animated, 10 min

In this chaotic but warm-hearted puppet animation documentary we get to know my 54 year-old mother Maija through her phone calls. We see how she copes with the difficult things in her life, like alcoholism and autism, demanding family members, and various absurd situations that seem to follow her.

Anton Baer, Aalto university: Manian lapset, fiction, 17 min

After their first record was an unexpected hit, siblings Vili and Malin have moved to the countryside with their band called “Children of Mania” to work on their second album. Malin keeps on exploiting their troubled childhood in song lyrics. However, this time Malin takes it too far and Vili starts to rethink his relationship to their music as well as to his sister.

Topi Raulo, Lotta Taarasti, Ville Tolvanen, Aalto Univercity: Mieronsuo-Kiperkotska, fiction, 7 min

In the distant future Finland a grandmother leads her youngling to the traditional ritual, where spirits of the mire appear.

Inga Pohjolainen, Aalto University, Näty Tampere University, TAMK Media, Music and Arts/Kokko, fiction 17 min

The summer ahead is long and hot but the burden of shame from the past is haunting Joonas, 24, and driving him to solitude. A sudden phone call changes the direction of his summer and brings Joonas to an old manor for a summer job, forcing him to open up to his new workmates and to face his shame.

Santtu Salminen, Finland: Suoterapia, fiction, 20 min

Jussi, 48, is worn-out. His young and athletic work supervisor Aleksi has taken note of this and offers to help. Aleksi takes Jussi to a remote bog. They do a series of exercises, meant to conjure up their ‘primitive side’. Their behavior becomes animalistic and Jussi feels empowered. Slowly the impromptu self-help routine turns violent and life-threatening. Aleksi becomes frightened of Jussi.




18.08. To/Thu. at 21.00, cinema Iso-Hannu 2

19.08. Pe/Fri. at 20.00, cinema Iso-Hannu 3


Jens Rosemann, Germany: If not now, then when…?, animated, 4 min

It’s a beautiful summer’s day at the outdoor swimming pool. Sven has been planning this for a long time: He is going to jump off the diving tower. Today he is going to do it! Now is a perfect time! However…? Maybe tomorrow would be better…? Or perhaps next week… Torn between yes, no, or a maybe, Sven climbs up the tower.

Päivi Kapiainen-Heiskanen, Finland: Mies ja koski, documentary, 19 min

Man and an old mill is a story of Finns who love their small and big rapids, sustainable way of living and incredible story-tellers. Narrator Eino Saloranta tells what it was like to live at Puhinkoski mill farm when he was small. After being uninhibited for several decades, the mill farm now draws the attention of nature photographers.

Anastasia Zverkova, Russia: Off the Air, fiction, 19 min

Former pilot Alexei lives on the shores of Lake Baikal. To forget himself after the death of his wife, he listens to the airwaves all day long. But escape from reality is impossible when nature forces are against.

Diana Menestrey, Germany: From the Water, animated, 10 min

A person sets out on a search for the truth of his origins. A search that arises from animal instincts and the ambivalence between dream and memory.

Fabian Munsterhjelm, Finland: Pyykkitupa, fiction, 14 min

Humorous fragments of starting over, struggles with life and neighbours. A story when even washing the undies seems difficult.

Marko Karo, Finland: Sea Change, documentary, 24 min

The film examines the fragile nature of the fundamental structures underpinning our societies. The viewer encounters a strangely familiar underwater world: forests petrified to the seabed, endless rows of brick walls and buildings eroded into heaps of stone. These views betray a submerged prison, a disciplinary structure of a culture lost in time. What kind of a society lies behind these remains?

Michael Zamjatnins, Germany: What a Wonder, animated, 9 min

While searching for fishing bait, two kids catch a talking sandworm who leads them at ebb tide to a treasure in the Watt, the mud flats. It is hard to salvage the treasure and the high tide is coming in.

Alla Churikova, Germany: Fly Me to the Moon, animated, 4 min

A romantic bicycle ride of a young woman on the banks of the Elbe. Or was it just a dream?