Short Film Competition: Finalistit / Finalists 2018




- Tapani Eriksson: Catch, horror, 7 min
“The story tells of a young woman who is going to party. The feel is good, but the car breaks down and she is forced to lift. She gets a car with a man who seems strange and with a hand in a handbag. So a man needs some help from a woman. At the end, however, the film gets a surprising turn.”

- Hamid Al-Sammarraee: Koti, dokumentti, 10 min
“Short film that tells the story of war victim long trip to seek a new home”

- Viktor Belanov: Title, fiktio, 28 min, alle 25 -vuotias
“Have you ever watched a movie where each character is merely the coinage of your brain? Think it is impossible? Then just engage your imagination and look closer. Or, even better—listen. You will have to not only watch the story but make it up along with all characters just as the plot develops. Make your own unique storyline. Still don’t believe that this is possible? If yes, then simply turn on the movie. Oh, but don’t forget to title it.”

- Kristiina Pänkäläinen ja Päivi Tiilikainen: Body of Water, fiktio, 5 min
“A suicidal woman ends up saving another person’s life.”

- Olli Kalliala ja Veera Muhonen: Vettä, fiktio, 7 min
“There is water and then there is water. A young woman balances between mundane life and freedom.”

- Teemu Kustula: Tarinoiden Kelujärvi, dokumentti, 25 min
“My dear friend, life can sometimes take us to unknow and strange places. However the unknow and strange can be start of something new and beautiful.” Stories of Kelujärvi is a movie that shows what kind village Kelujärvi is and what kind of people live in Laplands little village called Kelujärvi”

- Emma Sofianna Söderholm: Osoite Itämeri, fiktio, 2 min
“A girl writes a letter to the Baltic Sea.”

- Manu Kerola: Harrbådan neito, fiktio, 9 min
“After a dock bar closes, two men and a woman set sail on a rowboat and head out to an old lighthouse in order to buy moonshine. The woman mysteriously disappears, and only the men return from their journey. A silent movie shot on 8 mm film that is based on an old ghost story from Kokkola.”

- Maria Shulgina, Venäjä: Fire, komedia, 13 min
“The patrol service policemen, he and she, are on duty. Nothing foretells trouble, but it is on this duty that she discovers he cheated on her. This discovery becomes fatal, after all the woman has arms in her hands…”

- Fabian Munsterhjelm: Kosketus, fiktio, 9 min, alle 25 -v
“‘Touch’ follows Juhani, who one day sees his old gym teacher after many years. As memories surface, Juhani decides to follow him.”


- Maksim ja Oxana Pervomay, Svobodnoe Kino, Venäjä: The Letter, fiktio, 22 min
“A soldier of an unknown war is carrying a letter to his headquarters. The letter includes information, which can resume the war and bring victory to his side. He is accompanied by a kind and compassionate girl, who is the embodiment of his soul. She will do anything to avoid new victims. ”

- Maria Onipkina, Chelyabinsk State Institute of Culture and Arts, Venäjä: Hard Choice, fiktio, 2 min
“Sometimes all you have to do is choose”

- Andrei Skriptsov ja Sergey Romanyuk, HCSFR, Venäjä: The Facets, fiktio, 13 min
“Two poor lovers live near a junk yard, but they try hard to bring each other joy, attention and care. A wealthy couple lives in a mansion wanting for nothing – and yet arguments and conflicts haunt their life. Two couples bump into each other while going to the same mall. They see each other as some sort of reflection of what they could have been. The first ones are on their way on top, while others are about to hit the rock bottom. Those are the edges of fate.”

- Lolita Naranovich, VGIK Moscow, Venäjä: Yushka, fiktio, 19 min
“Vanya and Kolya are looking after their sick grandfather. Vanya tells Kolya a story about Yushka. Yushka is a blacksmith’s assistant. Children (including the young Vanya) laugh and throw stones at him. Even adults hit Yushka too, venting their anger on him. Yushka himself thinks that people like him. The blacksmith pays him on time but Yushka never buys anything for himself. Every summer he leaves but nobody knows where he goes. Vanya decides to track him down. He happens to witness Yushka’s assassination. After a while a girl comes to the forge in search of Yushka. She is an orphan to whom Yushka gave all his savings so that she can live and study. She studied to become a doctor in order to treat Yushka for his consumption. Vanya finishes his story as a doctor comes to the old man, who we recognise as the girl from the story. The girl sees the patient, who turns out to be Yushka’s murderer. ”

- Elisabetta Balbi, All-Russian State Institute of Cinematography, Venäjä: Planes do not stop so Low, fiktio, 27 min
“A young girl with a beautiful and rich inner world and eroded moral values runs away from reality, from serious distresses due to a serious illness of the mother. The girl is addicted and weak, but even from a vicious relationship with an adult man, whom she calls childlike, Uncle Andrei, she builds an illusory image of her happy future. The young man Ivan, who is in love with the heroine, supports the girl and helps her in every possible way, including financially, and by this doing her a disservice. A number of certain circumstances make a girl change her attitude to life, while Ivan treats her worthy of her norms of conduct.”

- Veera Lamminpää, TAMK: Rotisseur, fiktio, 13 min
“An overconfident chef claims to be able to fry the perfect steak. As the night goes on he slowly begins to come face to face with his imperfections.”


- Katri Paunu, Gerrit Rietveld Academy, Amsterdam, Hollanti: After the Sea, animaatio, 11 min
“After the Sea is an exploration of landscapes in a distant future where the sea is disappearing. There are still traces and small streams of water flowing as humans are constantly searching and wondering through the scenes. Several other characters like rats, beetles and worms guide the viewer to immerse to these landscapes that seem to have a mind of its own. ”

- Anton Lipasti, TuAmk: Pyssy, fiktio, 11 min
“A timid police officer’s gun is stolen in a public bathroom. Together with the help of his officious partner he sets on a journey to find it – but the situation soon escalates out of his control.”

- Laura Salomaa, TAMK, Saksa: South East Motion, dokumentti, 6 min
“How are stories passed on from one generation to the next in the form of dance? How do modern and western influences look compared to traditional dances? South East Motion aims to answer these and many more questions by diving right into the dance culture of Indonesia and Myanmar. In the directing debut of Laura Salomaa the ancestral way of storytelling and the influences of the newer generations are inspired by the tidal waves of the ocean, pushing and pulling rythmically, bringing forth new, while coming from a place of origin, just like the motions of waves ultimately always derive from the heart of the ocean. ”

- Tuuli Teelahti, ELO: Elämä kuolemasta, dokumentti, 20 min
“In a hospice, every day is somebody’s last day alive. The sheets are changed, and someone else brought in to die. Before the end, hands are held, and there is time for coffee. And for some of us, all this dying is just the usual everyday life.”

- Faraz Fesharaki, Deutsche Film- und Fernsehakademie,, Berlin, Saksa: It’s a Criminal Waste to give this Film a Postproduction, Dokufiktio, 20 min
“Film director Faraz is shooting a film in Berlin and asks his parents to play a small role in it from their hometown in Iran. From their living room in Esfahan, the parents await direction via Skype. Through the webcam, they explore their unique perspective – observing their son as a director while simultaneously acting in his film. As the initial interest subsides, the father displays growing doubt, disappointment, and critique toward his son. His admiration transforms into a string of constant questioning, a resistance towards Faraz’s demands, and moralistic reminders of the principles and responsibilities that come with being a filmmaker. ”

- Alexander Andreev, SPBGUKIT, St Petersburg, Venäjä; The Fusillade, fiktio, 28 min
“It is 1919. In a lonely peasant’s log hut an old man living with his granddaughter Palashka waits for the return of his sons from German War being unaware of Civil War. The sons return but the tragedy is that one of them is a Red commissioner and the other one is a White Army officer… To the memory of the anniversary of the October Revolution and the Civil War in Russia. ”


- Birute Sodeikaite, Liettua: Last Stop is the Moon, animaatio, 8 min
“A story of a girl who is trying to deal with illness inside her imagination. Imagining illness as Lion and herself as Unicorn she goes through different stages of accepting illness. ”

- Henna Välkky ja Eesu Lehtola: Me olemme unessa, animaatio, 7 min
“There is a line of men chasing us through a city where we can’t run. The escape is gruelling, our feet are wet and we drown deeper. We are not afraid, we have seen this before. This film is based on personal recordings of people narrating their recurring dreams.”

- Maria Mina, Venäjä: My First Story, fiktio, 13 min
“A girl reads the book “War and peace” by Tolstoy and falls in love with hero of the novel – prince Bolkonsky. She is jealous of his bride Natasha Rostova, dreams to save him in battlefield. But one day she finds her classmate is her real rival.”

- Andrey Selivanov,Venäjä: Haron, fiktio, 29 min
“Somewhere far away, in Siberia, in a place forgotten by God and people, the exiles talk about love, about faith, and solve the Hamlet question: “… what is better, to bend before blows of fate, or should we resist?” Haron is a drama of people whose personal life has ended, but life itself continues. How to reconcile with this situation? The inner world of the heroes comes into conflict with external circumstances. Positions occupied by the characters help them not to loose theirs minds, but keep them isolated from each other, lead to an even greater disunity and a piercing sense of loneliness.”

- Marat Narimanov, Venäjä: Big Boom, dokumentti, 4 min
“The history of humanity and of our planet in four minutes. An eco-friendly statement developed in a single shot that has it all: humor, action and tragedy.”

- Rene Turtledove, Latvia: The Esperance of will, dokumentti, 8 min
“When the last of her friends has been buried, a daunting loneliness takes over an elderly lady. On her way home from the graveyard she runs into her own memories that play out in front of her eyes all over the city. The road takes her to the coffin store where she has to face a choice. Either it’s going to be a coffin or an old sledge. She says her goodbyes to her late husband and her dog and takes off towards the top of the mountain. The road is long and covered in snow, but the lady perseveres. When the top is reached she sits down on her sledges and pushes herself off the edge…”

- Natalia Tumova, Venäjä: Clover Field, fiktio, 11 min
“After the catastrophe people live in the underground bunkers, it is strictly forbidden to go out. Young Mia meets a man who inspires her to escape and risk everything. But her father will do everything to stop her.”

- Catarina Dielh: En arg mors Bekännelser, animaatio, 6 min

“She’s afraid of three things: losing her temper, hurting her own kids and turning into her own abusive and violent mother.”

- Anna Dykhno, Venäjä: A Gentle Creature, fiktio, 17 min
“Another model comes for the photo session to Andrei Petrovich, the photographer. He pays attention that she’s very gentle… After that there is marriage, attempts to understand each other and unsuccessful “scenes from married life”, replacing each other as frames in the viewfinders… or maybe all of it is just what the photographer wants to see… “